Augur Has Potential!

If you are not familiar with Augur, now would be an excellent time to get familiar. Based on this new github repo, it seems there is a good change Augur might go live soon!

In summary, Augur is a prediction market that runs on Ethereum. You can bet your Eth on the outcome of events, and REP token holders are incentivized to provide truthful decisions regarding what actually happened with respect to the events you have placed bets on.

As the Augur How It Works page describes:

REP holders can stake REP tokens on one of the markets possible outcomes. If the tentative outcome is overturned, users who participated by staking on the new winning outcome will receive a 50% ROI.
There is always a financial incentive to keep the Augur oracle reflecting reality.

Disclosure: I'm very long REP because I believe:

  • People in crypto are gamblers
  • The house always wins
  • REP token holders are the house

For more info on why Augur's token is going to be very hot check out this article

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