Widening Augur Adoption

Augur is getting everything in place for mass adoption!
Currently Augur is planning to fully launch on Ethereum on July 9th. While this will certainly be a major milestone, getting people excited and using the platform is key to realizing Augur's vision of getting off chain events incorporated into the blockchain in the scalable and repeatable manner of crowdsourcing. In order to make it as easy as possible for people to be active reporters of the prediction markets it's critical that REPutation tokens be as easy as possible for new users to acquire and stake on event outcomes. Specifically, Augur's REPutation token needs to be available on as many exchanges as possible prior to launch. Based on recent listings of REP on Binance and Bithumb, we can assume that major crypto-marketplace supporters are taking notice of the Augur project and its potential for wide reaching impact within the crypto-ecosystem.

While the value of the REP token is a secondary concern from the fundamental value that Augur hopes to bring to the crypto-ecosystem, it's not unreasonable to assume that listing of a fairly low volume token on major exchanges suggests these exchanges expect volumes to increase dramatically with the upcoming launch of the prediction platform. Wider interest in the REP token should bode very well for its value in the upcoming months.

For more details on how Augur will work please see:
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